We Repair JURA Automatic Coffee Machines

JURA Brew Unit Refurbishment Service

JURA Brewing Unit Refurbishment and Rebuild

Brew unit is a central component in all JURA automatic coffee machines.  Overtime, coffee debris and oil from oily coffee beans build up can restrict the movement of the brew unit that leads to louder grinding noise, weak coffee flow and ERROR 8.  Coffee starts to taste weaker and somewhat rancid.  Brew unit should be refurbished every 2-3 years to enjoy a great cup of coffee from you JURA automatic coffee machine.

We offer JURA brew unit refurbishment service for all JURA automatic coffee machines.  Refurbishment is only for the brew unit.  You can remove the brew unit from the machine.  Remove the vertical gear from the side facing the machine and coffee scraper blade.  Ship the brew unit to us for refurbishment.  Turnaround time is 2 business days from the date of receipt.  Return shipping is via FedEx/UPS Ground service.

Shipping address:

ACM Repair Services

1513 N Broad St, Lansdale, PA 19446

JURA Brew Unit Refurbishment Cost

Refurbishment cost is $125 including return shipping.  Please make the check payable to ACM Repair Services in the amount of $125.  Include the check with the brew group at the time of shipping the brew unit to us for refurbishment.

What Does JURA Brew Unit Refurbishment Include?

  • Disassemble the brew unit into individual pieces
  • Sanitize and clean the individual components
  • Replace the brew unit piston gaskets and drainage valve seals/o-rings
  • Replace the brew unit filter screen, riser tube and spout connector o-ring(s)
  • Proper lubrication of all moving parts

JURA Brew Unit Refurbishment Disclaimer:

Please note that refurbishing the brew unit does not guarantee fixing ERROR 8.  Other components beside the brew unit that cause ERROR 8 include bad brew unit gear motor, encoder, transformer and power board.

Other broken parts such as coffee grounds scraper and vertical drive shaft is NOT included in the refurbishment cost.  If you have a broken coffee grounds scraper or vertical drive shaft please add $10 to the repair cost for each item.

How to extend the life of your JURA automatic coffee machine?

Avoid using dark roast or oily coffee beans to extend the life of your JURA automatic coffee machine.  Coffee beans sold at Starbucks and Costco tend to be dark roast and oily that do not produce the best tasting coffee.  Dark roast and oily coffee beans tend to cause issues with the brew unit and other components inside the machine.  We sell premium quality coffee beans that are suitable for use in JURA automatic coffee machine.  We offer free shipping within continental USA.

Descale/decalcify the JURA coffee machine instead of using Clearyl water filter.  Descaling is the single most important maintenance required for all automatic coffee machines.  It helps flush out calcium sediments from water passages inside the machine, improve temperature of brewed coffee and keep water lines clean for best possible coffee extraction.